Teni & Davido unveil the highly anticipated ‘For You’

Award-winning Nigerian talent TENI THE ENTERTAINER has joined forces with Afrobeats star, Davido on a new single; an emotion-tinged slice of Afrobeats titled ‘For You’; which sees TENI THE ENTERTAINER and Davido trade pitch-perfect vocals amongst poignant acoustic production.

Teni & Davido unveil the highly anticipated 'For You'

Aptly reflected in the similarly touching official video where we see TENI THE ENTERTAINER stuck behind bars before her best friend, Davido breaks her out – but not without consequences; this track features on her debut album ‘WONDALAND’ set to be released in a few weeks, was crafted over two years ago and across six cities – London, New York, Orlando, Ondo, Lagos and Abuja; and boasts of an LP is a labour of love and a rollercoaster of emotions from start to finish.

According to the African superstar, “For You” is a record I made to celebrate the essence of love, sacrifice and the reaffirmation to always be there for that special someone who means the world to you. I have always wanted to make a record like this with Davido especially because of my admiration for him as an artist, father and someone with a big heart.”

For one of the biggest and most influential artists in Africa, Davido says “this is a special record and as a father to three beautiful kids, I know how much they mean to me and how I am ready to give them everything good the world has to offer.”



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